Syringe Access & Disposal (Needle Exchange)

The San Francisco Department of Public Health provides access to clean syringes as part of HIV and Hepatitis C prevention. Due to many conditions, SF has seen an increase in improperly disposed syringes. To address this, the SFDPH focuses on proper disposal in the following ways:

Syringe Services Providers 

  • The SFDPH Community Health Equity & Promotion (CHEP) Branch funds a collaborative of community-based organizations that provide client-centered harm reduction Syringe Access & Disposal services to people who inject drugs. There are 13 sites that operate throughout the City, providing coverage. Each site provides an opportunity for disposal. The SFDPH funds the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) to provide syringe access and disposal. SFAF subcontracts with:
    • San Francisco Drug User’s Union
    • Homeless Youth Alliance
    • St. James Infirmary
    • Glide
  • Promoting safe disposal of used needles and syringes is a key component of CHE&P funded syringe programs. All programs have a disposal plan which includes a schedule for conducting street sweeps to pick up improperly discarded syringes and other injection equipment. SFAF operates citywide and will address concerns at encampments. The other programs focus on specific neighborhoods where they provide services. Instances may arise when programs need to do additional sweeps or sweep in new areas based on community concerns related to improper disposal of syringes. 

Syringe clean-up

  • Syringe clean-up in communities throughout SF is conducted by DPH Community Health Response team, Syringe programs, and all DPH funded outreach teams. 

7-Day Clean Up Crew

  • Ten (10) person crew Clean-up crew was added in July. 

24 hour Disposal options

  • Increasing the options for syringe disposal through outdoor disposal containers. There are 17 outdoor sharps containers (10 smaller boxes and 7 larger kiosks). Please see attached list for locations.

Community Clean-up Events

  • SFAF has a “Community clean-up event” every Friday from 12-2 pm.  The meet-up location is 117 6th street. This is an opportunity for community to get involved.

Collaboration with City & Community agencies/programs

  • DPH works closely with the Fix It Team, Downtown Streets, Community Benefits districts, and other City & community to address community concerns and conduct syringe clean up.

Healthy Streets Operation Center (HSOC)

  • This is a coordinated City effort to address concerns about homelessness and street behaviors. 311, DPW, DPH, HSH, SFPD, DEM working together to address complaints of many kinds. 


Click here to download a copy of the San Francisco Needle Exchange/Syringe Access Schedule


If you see syringes on the street please call 311.