Health Care Reform Transition

Here is basic information to support your organization in preparing for the Health Care Reform transition (AKA – full implementation of the Affordable Care Act on January 1, 2014). The “Planning Considerations” document, is primarily meant for San Francisco based organizations that currently receive Ryan White to provide medical and non-medical services, however the guidance will also likely be useful for HIV Service Organizations that are outside of the SF area and/or do not receive funding through Ryan White.

Accompanying the “Planning Considerations” document is a sample FAQ document for clients; this is formatted so you can input relevant information specific to your agency. There is more information in the “Planning Considerations” about how to use the FAQ. The FAQ is available in English and Spanish. If you would like to translate the document in to other languages for your clients, we would be able to provide the editable version for this purpose.

Many key decisions about what the Affordable Care Act will look like in California are still pending. The Task Force will continue to update you on these decisions as they become known and will publish new versions of the “Planning Considerations” and FAQ documents as necessary.

Task Force Releases Recommendations to Help San Franciscans Living with HIV Navigate Health Care Reform

Recommendations for a Successful ACA Transition for Persons Living with HIV

Planning Considerations for Providers PDF

Planning Considerations for Providers Word

Health Care Reform and YOU – English

Health Care Reform and YOU – Spanish

Impact of ACA on DPH and a Culture of Coverage