Terms AND Definitions

Home > Testing > Terms and Definitions Terms AND Definitions Anonymous Testing Anonymous testing refers to services in which personal identifiers are not recorded nor associated with the counseling or test results.  Written results cannot be provided under any circumstances. Positive results are not reported to the health department. Clients who test positive and wish […]

HIV Prevention Planning Council (HPPC)

Home > Community Planning > 2009 Steering Committee HIV Prevention Planning Council (HPPC) Previous Page   Executive Committee Note:   To reflect the new structure of the HPPC, the Steering Committee became the Executive Committee as of May 10, 2012. Focus: The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the priorities and agenda for the Council […]

Employment & Unpaid Intern Opportunities

Home > About Us > Employment Opportunities   Employment & Unpaid Intern Opportunities Paid employment opportunities and unpaid internships are available at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and at HIV/AIDS community-based organizations.  Internships with the HIV Prevention Section provide learning opportunities to learn about cutting edge efforts to stop the spread of HIV.  […]

Eileen Loughran

Eileen Loughran Health Educator Community Planning & Health Education [email protected] (415) 554-9124 I work with the Membership/Community Liaison Committee and the New Approaches to Prevention Committee to plan and coordinate agendas, work plan, and yearly goals. I also support HPPC activities (eg. agenda development and meeting logistics) and provide condoms and health education to high […]

HIV Prevention Planning Council

Home > Community Planning > HPPC Committees > 2006 Strategies & Interventions HIV Prevention Planning Council Previous Page 2006 Strategies & Interventions Committee Focus: This committee will look at prevention strategies that are currently being used in San Francisco and ask the following questions: How do we want to talk about evidence-based interventions? Are appropriate […]

HIV Prevention Planning Council

Home > Community Planning > 2009 Points of Integration Between Prevention & CARE HIV Prevention Planning Council Previous Page   Points of Integration Between Prevention & Care Committee Focus: This is a joint committee of the HIV Health Services Planning Council and the HIV Prevention Planning Council.  This committee is charged with planning & organizing […]

Community Planning

Home > Community Planning > 2001-2007 Needs Assessments Community Planning Needs Assessments The final reports, executive summaries, and presentations for needs assessments or certain San Francisco risk populations conducted by the HPPC since 2001 are available for download below. If you have any questions, please email Dara Geckeler at the HIV Prevention Section or call […]