Current Council & Work Groups

2016 Executive Committee The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the priorities and agenda for the HIV Prevention Planning Council meetings. View 2016 Executive CommitteeMeetings 2016 Full Council This year the HIV Prevention Planning Council (HPPC) and the HIV Health Services Planning Council (HHSPC) are expected to become fully integrated by merging in May. In […]

hiv Research in San Francisco

Home > Research hiv Research in San Francisco Print this page The goals of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, HIV Prevention Research Unit are to investigate new behavioral intervention approaches to reducing risk for HIV infection and transmission among populations most at risk. Current projects include studies of medications which may help methamphetamine-dependent […]


Home > HIV/AIDS Basics HIV/AIDS Basics What is HIV? HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that affects certain white blood cells—CD4 T cells—that manage human immune system responses. When these blood cells are damaged, it becomes difficult for people to fight off infections or diseases. This condition is called “HIV disease.” Human – the […]