City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health Community Health Equity & Promotion Branch Population Health Division

Who we are

Welcome at the official website of City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health Community Health Equity & Promotion Branch Population Health Division – SFHIV. Our goal is to stop the spread of HIV in San Francisco by combining clinic and community-based initiatives. These initiatives are operated by our employees, community partners, and the Department of Public Health. SFHIV has collaborated with neighborhood groups and community people for more than 40 years to plan and administer HIV prevention services. We are pleased to contribute to San Francisco’s continued leadership in the fight against HIV and AIDS. We create and provide services that effectively prevent HIV. These partnerships have worked really well. So, the San Francisco Model of public-private partnership for prevention is now recognized across the country. Our goal is to decrease HIV infection through boosting health and empowering people and communities to have more control over factors that affect their well-being. We set some ambitious but doable objectives. And in 2023 we set ourselves new, large-scale and far-reaching goals.

15811 San Francisco has one of the greatest numbers of HIV-positive people in the country at 2021.
160 new HIV infections in 2021, up 16% from 2020.
82 % newly diagnosed with HIV in 2021, defined themselves as males
61 % newly diagnosed with HIV in 2021, were men who have sex with men

HIV And Drug Usage

Since AIDS was first recognized as a disease, drug use and addiction have been inextricably linked to HIV/AIDS. One in ten HIV diagnoses among drug injectors, according to the CDC. Immune system is harmed by this virus, making it more difficult to fight against infections and diseases. Use of drugs or alcohol might weaken the immune system even more and make HIV infection even worse. But on the other hand, marijuana’s alleged capacity to relieve a number of crippling symptoms may also be a role in the popularity of medicinal marijuana among people with AIDS. Many of these patients said that cannabis calmed their stomachs, boosted their appetites, reduced their pain, and improved their mood. HIV causes havoc throughout the body because it destroys the immune system. The virus also causes dementia, severe nerve damage, and a potentially fatal wasting syndrome in addition to giving cancer and opportunistic infection a footing. Finally, many persons with AIDS experience anxiety and sadness in addition to the physical discomforts caused by HIV. Some patients claim that marijuana alleviates all of these issues and more.

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