SFHIV Legal Disclaimer

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SFHIV disclaimer of liability

Please keep in mind that SFHIV contains information and goods on cannabinoids, industrial hemp mentioned, dietary supplements,  drug tests, and other substances related to marijuana that may be prohibited in certain states.

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SFHIV editorial policy

The following are the criteria that SFHIV uses to develop original content:

Important Information: What cannabis-related and drug-related facts do individuals look up online? What is new in the drug testing procedures? We work hard to provide answers to particular queries as well as the knowledge that may be used to manage your health and marijuana use. We often cover breaking cannabis health news, factual drug-test-law news, product launches, and reviews, as well as an expert editorial on all things cannabis-related.

Research – It was difficult to get cannabis data related to historical, clinical, and therapeutic discoveries. Also, HIV and AIDS-related materials may be found. This is changing quickly. We make an effort to rely on scientific information that has been published, for example, in peer-reviewed medical publications, in order to provide you with data from a variety of sources.

Also, our site is an HIV-friendly space.