Getting to Zero

San Francisco’s Getting to Zero (G2Z) initiative is a multi-sector independent consortium operating under the principles of collective impact. The initiative has three goals: 1) zero new infections, 2) zero deaths, and 3) zero stigma. Modeled after the UNAIDS goals, the vision of G2Z is to reduce HIV transmission and HIV related deaths in San Francisco by 90% from their current levels before 2020. The G2Z strategic priorities describe a comprehensive approach with three signature initiatives:

  • PrEP Expansion
  • Provision of antiretroviral therapy in the setting of acute HIV infection or upon diagnosis
  • Retention in HIV care

The Getting to Zero Consortium work is done in committees, which are lead by co-chairs and a liaison from the Steering Committee. Each committee is charged with defining measurable objectives and a program implementation plan. Under the direction of a Steering Committee and with broad partnerships with community organizations and the private sector, the Consortium is an active process, engaged through committee work and program implementation to achieve the Getting to Zero goals.

Please visit  to learn more about the Getting to Zero Consortium.