The San Francisco

works with partner agencies and organizations to provide the services listed below based on the needs identified and prioritized by the San Francisco

. While these services are free and publicly available, we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor when appropriate. There are many HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs throughout San Francisco that may not be listed here. Additional places to find services are listed on our resources page.

Here, at San Francisco Health Information Viability (SFHIV), we work with partner agencies and organizations to hold the meetings with HIV-positive people. They get a chance to express their views and opinions, and we listen attentively. “Nothing for us without us”, that’s what we hear often.

HIV and AIDS affect health negatively in many ways. The virus destroys the immune system, causing lots of “failures” in your body. One of the consequences may be the decrease of sperm count and semen volume – this problem was mentioned quite often. And we must say that modern medications give HIV-positive men a chance to be confident in this way. Some men really want to increase seminal fluid and ejaculation volume, it’s just about confidence and masculinity.