Vincent Fuqua

Vincent Fuqua

Vincent Fuqua
Health/Community Educator
Community Planning & Health Education
[email protected]
(415) 554-9073

My involvement in the field of HIV dates back to 1989. At that
time I was involved with Lavender Youth Recreational and Information
Center (LYRIC). Currently I am working as a Community Health
Educator which involves me with the following activities:

1. The
Gay Men’s Health Initiative (GMHI) is new prevention initiative
which looks at a varieties of ways to building community among
Gay men in San Francisco. I am the lead person doing community involvement
work with African American Gay men in San Francisco and providers
which are a part of the GMHI.

2. As a member of the Planning Unit,
I assist the HIV Prevention Planning Council (HPPC) and its subcommittees “New Approaches
to Prevention” and “Prevention with Positives”.

As one of Partner Disclosure Assistance Programs (PDAP) counselors,
I oversee the program’s Quality Assurance Plan.

4. Provide condoms & health
education to high school students through the Condom Availability
program in San Francisco.

My hobbies include running and playing softball—any
sport activities.