Evaluation and Data Collection

Project STOREE Special Evaluation Projects Report Now Available

In 2007, six HIV prevention agencies participated in special evaluation projects to analyze data they had collected on their programs. Collectively, these projects reveal much about HIV prevention programs and their participants. The final summary report is now available.

Project STOREE Qualitative Evaluation Report Now Available

In 2007, four HIV prevention agencies participated in a qualitative evaluation/story-telling project, where they worked with researchers to tell the story of HIV prevention through the voices of staff, volunteers, and clients. The final report is now available.

variablesCore Variables Requirement for HERR and PWP Providers

Resources that providers need in order to fulfill the core variables requirement are provided below.


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Project STOREE

Project STOREE is an effort to develop a plan for conducting meaningful evaluation of HIV prevention efforts in San Francisco. Our story has many chapters – the citywide chapter, the provider chapter, the participant/client chapter, etc. We want all these stories to be told. A Project STOREE overview document is now available to download.