Synthetic Urine Guide: The Best Brands of Fake Pee in 2022

Synthetic Urine

Certain workplaces make it illegal to smoke weed recreationally, and they drug test you every two months. It means that if you’ve taken cannabinoids, THC, or indeed any form of cannabis, it will start showing up on your drug test. However, if you are wise, you can enjoy your pot while still passing a drug test. The vast majority of drug tests are conducted using urine, and you may easily pass one by utilizing a synthetic urine kit. We will discuss what is the best synthetic urine in 2022.


What is Synthetic Urine?

Before getting into the details, it’s essential to clarify what synthetic urine is. Synthetic urine is among the most appropriate and efficient but risky methods. It enables you to create a false urine sample and is one of the greatest hacks. It is really simple to use and far superior than liquid urine kits, as this urine sample seems to be much more legitimate and represent a genuine urine composition. Synthetic pee has components seen in normal urine, making it simpler than ever before.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Simply explained, synthetic urine is regular urine that has been manufactured in a laboratory. Instead of being produced by our bodies, all of the important chemical components are replicated to imitate those of pure natural urine. Synthetic urine has all of the necessary components, such as creatinine, ammonia, urea, Ph, uric acid, sufficient sulfate concentrations and specific gravity. Your sample will be detected instantly if the levels are not correct. So eventually you will need a good synthetic pee.

Types of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine

After learning what synthetic urine is, it’s essential to understand about the two variations available. You can chose either powdered or liquid synthetic urine, depending on your preferences and what works best for you. The two have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but they are equally effective. Both types of synthetic urine are effective when used according to the instructions. Above you see an example of top product in this niche. Another popular product is Quick Fix synthetic urine. Take a look at this useful comparison before deciding on the type of urine you want to try.

Powdered Synthetic Urine

If you’re curious about how Powdered Urine is made, let’s start there: Powdered synthetic urine is not sufficiently hydrated urine that must be ‘passed’ as real with the addition of distilled water. The sample is delivered in a vial, which must be moved to a larger container in order to mix and generate the fake urine. Typically, there is enough in the vial to make a complete bottle of fake urine, so follow the manufacturer’s directions when measuring out your distilled water.

Liquid Synthetic Urine

Liquid fake urine is a synthetic version that requires no mixing until it is diluted. You don’t need to add anything more to it; simply mix it up, heat up, and then use it!

Ingredients of synthetic urine

A fake urine kit is a product that contains human urine that has been synthesized. It may include a delivery mechanism that ranges from little plastic tubing to a phony color-matched penis. The ingredients are both safe and non-infectious. Products that we have mentioned before are considered to be safe. We can also add Urinator to the chart.

Synthetic urine is a solution that is produced to look like human’s natural urine. It has a substantial percentage of the same constituents as human urine. It was first created by firms to calibrate their lab apparatus to ensure that it was operational prior to assessing genuine urine samples.

Here are some of the most likely contents:

  • The uric acid
  • Urea
  • Phosphorus sodium
  • Pure water
  • Potassium chloride
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium chloride

The best synthetic urine will encapsulate both urea and uric acid. Creatinine is required in all successful products. This is a result of muscle metabolism to ensure that you are dealing with authentic urine. A few testers will seek for the odor of urine. Most inspectors will check for yellow coloration to confirm that the sample is not too diluted.

How do I know my fake urine is good?

Essentially, the gold standard of synthetic urine is the same that is used to certify drug testing tools, which is the primary application for it in the first place.

What you need to know:

  1. Is this urine being used to certify testing tools?
  2. Does it contain urea, uric acid and creatinine?
  3. Does it smell and look like urine?
  4. What is the price?

How to Choose the Best Synthetic Urine?

The most efficacious products, like Quick Fix, appear to be effective in the majority of cases. Ensure that you follow the directions exactly, as skipping a step might jeopardize overall drug testing results.

Verify that your synthetic urine has not expired, and heat it up before handing it over to the technician. However, we cannot promise that fake piss will always work for everyone. It’s merely that different testing companies practice different procedures and approaches when screening for drugs. This is why you should get your bottle from a reliable company.

Signs of a Bad Synthetic Urine

Using a low-quality synthetic urine for research or a drug test is never a good idea. Fortunately, it is possible to identify whether synthetic pee is of low quality or merely disgusting.

  • Low Cost
  • Poor Packaging and Marketing
  • Available at Third-party website

Recent reports on the Effectiveness of Synthetic Urine for THC Test

As SFHIV/San Francisco Department of Public Health claims, given the connotations associated with marijuana (commonly called weed), and similar substances, a person who uses such substances may have difficulties at work if traces of them are found in their drug screen. There is a choice to use a synthetic urine kits for drug screening in order to prevent this. Synthetic urine is effective if and when it is prepared properly. The trouble is, if you do not prepare it correctly, you’ll upset the complex chemical equilibrium that has been established. However, if you combine it properly and according to the instructions, there won’t be anything wrong.

Synthetic pee not only stays far longer than organic urine, but it is also much more sanitary to preserve. In principle, it is exceedingly challenging to retain and disguise normal pee. Additionally, you have no way of knowing what is in the pee that you obtained from someone else.

It is possible to pass a drug test by utilizing synthetic urine, however drug testing businesses are employing increasingly advanced techniques to catch such deceit. It is possible for modern laboratories to tell if pee originates from a human system. Because of this, a synthetic urine kit needs to be quite sophisticated to succeed. You may learn all there is to understand regarding synthetic urine from the current article. This article provides key discussions on selecting the top brands, identifying subpar goods, and understanding how laboratories can tell fake pee from natural urine.

A drug screening procedure is frequently used as a mandatory measure in the job sector, especially in the US. While detoxifying and drinking a lot of water are other tips for clearing drug screen, synthetic urine is unquestionably the most trustworthy and efficient method.

Since the majority of labs do not conduct genetic analysis of samples, synthetic urine ought to be effective for drug testing. To persuade the screening team that the provided sample was generated organically and is real, the fake pee should remain heated and maintain an approximate degree of 98°F while in application. Because the necessary circumstances are the same as those for human urine. A standard urine analysis cannot tell if a urine specimen is organic or manufactured. This makes it possible for someone to pass a drug test successfully and with no difficulties.

How to Prepare for a Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine

Keep reading SF HIV Prevention Section to get know more about it. First and foremost, you must decide whether the test will be observed or unobserved. The majority of tests would be observed. You will enter a bathroom by yourself and hand your sample over. Transportation department uses a lot of drug testing because it has to make sure the people moving products around the country aren’t high on drugs. You may take precautions and consume detox drinks or detox pills before the test. However, according to their platform, drug tests are only monitored under rare conditions, and they are:

  1. You were caught tampering and now they want to watch you urinate. Which is both good and bad since they are plainly giving you another path when they could just throw you.
  2. A second attempt is made due to the sample being beyond the temperature range.

How to Use Synthetic Urine Properly?

The key challenge is to make the artificial urine seem natural, whether it is liquid or powdered. Whatever kind you choose, you will be given a detailed set of instructions to follow. What we’ve provided here is a high-level overview of the procedure.

Proper mixing up

What makes it so challenging is the precise measurement of water and heating that must be achieved. Even a minor change in the readings or the temperature will wreak havoc on the entire sample. To prepare, mix the powdered synthetic urine with distilled water in a container and aggressively shake. Shaking creates the necessary froth and disperses the powder in the distilled water. After that, heat it until it reaches 95 degrees. The simplest technique is to use liquid synthetic urine. Heat the container in which you received the liquid.

Heating Synthetic Urine

If we haven’t emphasized it enough, let us say it again: temperature is critical when faking urine. So, understanding how to heat up your synthetic urine correctly is critical to generating the ideal sample. You may also buy kits with heating pads, such as Clear Choice Incognito Belt.

Hand Warmers

On the market, there are transportable, temporary hand warmers that claim to retain heat for up to 18 hours. Not necessary for 18 hours, but they are ideal for heating up and maintaining the proper temperature of your sample. They’re also really good at concealing the sample!

After you’ve made your combination, place it in the hand warmer and check the condition on a regular basis. Once you’ve reached the proper number, keeping the sample close to your body is the best approach to protect it from overheating.

Body Heat

Using only your body heat to reach the desired number takes far longer than the other two ways. If you have the time, you can warm up the sample with your body heat.

Keep it near your skin and in the hottest areas of your body. This would be around the crotch, below the underpants, for guys. Women can use the same approach as males or insert it between their bra and their skin.

How to hide the fake urine?

Let’s go through some of the recommended methods to familiarize yourself with, since transporting synthetic pee into a lab can be nerve-wracking.

Follow these methods to increase your chances of passing your drug test:

  • Use a gadget like the Secret Leg Strap or Secret Undies to conceal your bottle. You don’t want even your closest buddy to see the thing.
  • Pour your urine gently into the cup – a Whizzinator or urine belt may be useful here.
  • Please do not submit an ice-cold urine sample. Warm it up first, then check it to ensure it’s between 90°F and 100°F (32°C – 37°C).
  • When you’re using powdered synthetic urine, remember to follow all mixing directions completely. It’s only that several synthetic urine kits perform in a multitude of ways.
  • Throughout the assessment procedure, try to relax and be as natural as possible.

How to use Synthetic Urine Kits to not get caught

Urine drug tests are tough and harsh, and increasing your water intake or diluting your urine will not assist you in passing. If you fail once, you may lose a promising career. Furthermore, you may face legal consequences. So it is necessary to get a good synthetic pee for drug test.

Types of Synthetic Urine

There are kits available in both powdered and liquid forms. If it is powdered, you must make the urine solution by mixing the appropriate amount of water. Liquid one, on the other hand, is pre-mixed and concentrated.

Maintaining the temperature

The temperature of human urine is between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over this point is a categorical refuse. A normal person’s body heat is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The one of your sample should be kept at 96 degrees.

Women usually choose a waistline pack with a flexible hose that can discharge the urine between legs while seated on the toilet to keep the sample warm. On the other hand, men have a higher success rate when delivering the sample via a fake penis.

Tricks to Store the Synthetic Urine

Certain conditions, such as excessively low or high temperatures, humidity and premature exposure to dust and oxygen might shorten the shelf life of the product. All of these breaks down the chemical bonds between the chemicals. Check the expiration date before using.

Carefully Read the Instructions

Do not attempt to make the sample solution until you have followed the guidelines. Make sure to heat your sample according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Overheating the sample has the potential to harm it.

A little practice with the fake urine kits prior to your drug test is an excellent idea to boost your chances of passing.

However, you will often not be permitted to flush the toilet because they want to ensure you are not flushing away evidence of sample manipulation.

How to sneak urine into a supervised drug test?

Ever wondered how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine? Let us describe in details:

  1. At home, remove the cap off the container with the urine. You must microwave it till it reaches body temperature. This process takes roughly 10 seconds.
  2. Verify that the thermal strip is set to the proper parameters. Allow it to cool down if it’s too hot. Re-microwave it for a few seconds if it’s too cold. Don’t overdo it, otherwise it may explode and you’ll have to explain yourself. Also, do this at home without a doubt.
  3. Shut the bottle and shake it passionately.
  4. Now, switch on the hand warmer and use the rubber band to tie it to the bottle. It will remain at body heat for several hours. You may skip this step if your kit contains heating pads. One of these kits is Quick Luck.
  5. You must design a method of concealing this device on your body. Even if the test is not being monitored, they may prefer that you do not bring tusk packs or pocket books into the restroom. So you’ll need to strap this somewhere on your body.
  6. The majority of people place it in their groin. You should practice this at home by walking around with it. Make certain that everything is safe. Some individuals place it between two pairs of boxer underwear.
  7. When you arrive at the testing center, all you have to do in the restroom is to make sure the temperature strip is reading appropriately, then screw off the lid and pour your sample in. Return the bottle and warmer to your concealing area to ensure that no evidence is left behind. Also, please send your sample.

What if you will be observed?

If you are a female, you will require a bladder and ureters to expel your synthetic urine undirectedly. So, yeah, things will become more difficult, but you will have plenty of time to practice at home.

And you’ll need to practice a lot to ensure that you can bring it all off. However, you will not be watched carefully in most cases, and you may certainly request some privacy. As a result, for a female, this will usually be enough.

But if you’re a man in need of a fake wiener, here’s what you should get:

  • The Whizzinator is the best artificial fake prosthetic penis and urine delivery device on the market. Take caution while transporting it on flights, since it may be confiscated and you may be asked whether the vials, powders, and liquids are chemical weapons
  • The Monkey Dong is another popular item. Obviously, these are really well-made and will set you back a good coin.

To help you navigate this somewhat uncharted realm of synthetic urine kits, we’ve compiled a list of the best-selling branded fake pee kits.

TestClear Powdered Synthetic Urine

TestClear is one of the forerunners in the commercialization of synthetic pee. This corporation has supplied many synthetic items for passing drug screening during the previous two decades. The brand claims that their synthetic pee is generated from natural human urine.

All of the necessary components are present in its powdered synthetic urine. In fact, it smells exactly like pee. All you have to do is prepare the sample and go boldly into the drug test location. Simply ensure that the sample is at the proper volume and temperature to mimic a genuine pee.

The TestClear Powdered Synthetic Urine kit comes with a tube of powdered urine, a 50ml polycarbonate medical vial, a thermal strip, and two air-activated heaters. The heater is single-use and has a maximum lifespan of six hours. As a result, it is preferable to plan ahead of time.

  • Has been in the market for far longer than other products.
  • Includes a handy temperature strip that is directly attached to the transport container.
  • Has a very high success rate.
  • The instructions are incredibly comprehensive, both in the packaging and online.
  • It has a somewhat long storage life.


  • It’s difficult to get the powdered urine just right.
  • Because you must prepare the sample ahead of time, it is not suitable for surprise drug testing.
  • Even before you add the water, it smells a lot like pee, so it’s simple to identify.
  • A tad more costly than Quick Fix
  • You must arrive at the testing site early, and the heating pad may run out while you wait.

Customer Reviews

TestClear Synthetic Urine kit have received several excellent ratings. Certain clients were taken aback by the scent and appearance. They believe it is hard to tell the difference between it and actual urine. The vast majority of customers have utilized this kit for job screening purposes. Although some first struggled to get the desired temperature, it ultimately worked.

Clear Choice Incognito Belt

While the other methods are all excellent, none of them allow the smuggling of urine into a drug test. With the Clear Choice incognito belt, you’re prepared to take the drug test with best fake piss kit without worry.

What is included with an incognito belt?

  • 1 Bladder Bag (3 oz of premixed synthetic pee)
  • Belt with Velcro adjustability
  • 2 heating pads
  • Temperature probes
  • Detailed instructions

After heating the bladder bag and concealing the belt around your waist, you’ll find a tube that you may wrap around your waist beneath your clothing. When the bladder bag’s clip is opened, the urine is released into the cup.

  • It includes a belt, which simplifies the process of taking the test
  • Instructions for concealing and operating the belt are included
  • Shelf life of one year
  • Unisex


  • The belt is only good for two usages before you’ll have to purchase the entire thing again.

The belt is a small, gravity-driven device that may transport urine into the sample holder during the procedure. After you open the clip, the urine flows gently from the bladder bag via a rubber drain tube attached to the belt.

Customer Reviews

Customers like how simple and practical the Incognito Belt is. They were astounded at how effortlessly the gadget drains pee without raising suspicion. Additionally, they believe the heating pads can rapidly elevate the temperature. As a result, the kit is appropriate for testing conducted on short notice. Finally, because the urine is premixed, you save time by not having to create the solution.

Another product that deserves your attention is Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Clear Choice Quick Luck

Prior to the introduction of Quick Luck, Clear Choice products were restricted to Sub Solution. Clear Choice leaped at the opportunity to make the finest synthetic pee on the market when drug testing improved and succeeded!

The price reflects the product’s simplicity and efficacy. Additionally, it may be used on a whim: simply take a vial, warm it up, and begin testing! Along with containing all of the important components, this product is completely free of toxins and biocides. Quick Luck is currently the only premixed fake piss kit that accurately replicates the creatinine range, pH and gravity of human urine for fastest drug test.


  • A complicated formula that is guaranteed to work
  • It is supplied as a pre-mix that may be used at any time
  • Exceptional success rate
  • It comes with heating pads and powder that activates the heat


  • This is a costly item

Customer Reviews

Despite the limited warning provided prior to a drug test, a large number of clients confirmed to have passed drug tests after utilizing the Quick Luck authentic Kit. They are overjoyed at how this fake urine kit has prevented them from losing their jobs. The majority of people could get the appropriate temperature simply by utilizing the heat packs. Nevertheless, some were appreciative of how the powder proved to be a last-minute rescue. Customers appear to be mostly satisfied with the product.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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The Urinator

Urinator is available for you whether you’re carrying out a research or need to pass a drug test. Unlike other kits, this one makes extensive use of technology to ensure the best possible experience.

The urine you’re mixing and creating may be placed in the bag and heated for up to four hours at the perfect warmth! As a result, you won’t have to worry about the number falling just before the test. While you will not find the distilled water or two 9-volt cells required for the procedure, the remaining components will be supplied to you along with a complimentary sample of powdered synthetic urine. By heating the sample to the proper degree, you will prevent wasting it.


  • Because this is a reusable device, you can just purchase it as needed
  • Controls the temperature of your urine on your demand
  • Due to the fact that everything is digital and electrical, there is no possibility of something going wrong
  • Includes a complimentary sample
  • It includes many vials for experimentation


  • It is rather costly
  • Must be prepared in advance and is not suitable for emergency usage.
  • The contraption is neither subtle nor concealable
  • Batteries must be purchased separately

One of the key causes of failure is that users are unable to maintain the optimal temperature. With Urinator, an electronic gadget, you never have to worry about the parameters of your pee sample.

Customer Reviews

Customers find the Urinator technology to be both interesting and simple to utilize. Although several people expressed reservations about paying so much money, none appear to have regretted their purchase. They readily followed the directions and encountered no difficulties while shifting urine from the IV bag.

Sub solution

Sub Solution is another kit supplied by Test Negative that you may rely on if you’re scheduled to take a drug test in the near future. Unlike Quick Luck, which is an unique concept, Sub Solution has been around for quite long period of time. This kit is completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Clear Choice owns a patent on synthetic urine and multiple registered trademarks in the United States and Canada for its high-quality, effective products. This kit comprises a 3 ounce (89 milliliter) blending bottle, a thermal strip, a test container, and an orange vial containing heat accelerator powder.


  • The reputable and acceptable formula has been in use since 2003
  • The recipe has been shown to be 100% successful in the production of synthetic urine
  • It is more affordable than Quick Luck
  • Unisex


  • The package does not contain a heating pad
  • It is necessary to produce a urinalysis solution

Customer Reviews

Customers appear to be pretty fond of the Sub Solution kit. Numerous users have expressed gratitude for how this fake urine kit protected them from an unexpected drug check. It is highly effective, even when using tap water. The majority of users have purchased this product several times and were ecstatic when they passed the ten-panel test with flying colors.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix is a business that specializes in the sale of synthetic pee for drug test. Indeed, the fake urine industry is extremely saturated, with legitimate firms like UPass, Clean Stream, Whizzinator, Xstream, and Monkey Whizz. Quick Fix 6.2 is one of the most effective synthetic urine kits on the market. It is chemically identical to human urine. When pH and specific gravity are balanced, it is almost certainly imperceptible. Additionally, it contains all of the critical chemical constituents found in human urine – uric acid, creatinine and urea. Also, this fake pee kit arrives pre-mixed, making it ideal for emergency use. Only difference is that it has a short storage life, which isn’t a deal-breaker.


  • Pre-mixed
  • Gravity and pH values that are realistic
  • Ingredients composed of organic piss
  • Includes additional pee
  • Toxin and chemical free
  • Used to determine the accuracy of laboratory tools
  • Contains urea, uric acid and creatinine
  • Is yellow in color
  • Has a thermal strip
  • Is widely accepted in internet communities


  • Shorter storage life
  • Is more costly than just refraining from drugs
  • Purchase, possession, or usage may be unlawful in your jurisdiction
  • You must ensure that the temperature remains within the required levels

Quick Fix Plus Kit – Best Whizzinator Synthetic Urine


  • There was also a Whizzinator with a subtle flow (and varied skin tones)
  • Equipped with a source of heat
  • Reusable


  • Someone (if you are not attentive) may detect the “additional” organ.

However, the Whizzinator is suitable for monitored drug tests. Use it to urinate quietly in that cup; even the nearest individual to you will be unaware it is an “extra organ.” You receive synthetic urine with this purchase, as well as hand warmers and a thermal strip, which eliminates the need to purchase those items individually. Additionally, the provided user instructions ensure a hassle-free initial use.

How the validity of fake pee affects its marketing

Just as with marijuana, the legality of fake piss differs by state. Eighteen states have enacted legislation prohibiting the manufacture, transport, use, or sale of synthetic urine for the purpose of falsifying drug tests, but only one, South Carolina, has actually prosecuted a seller, and only twice. In each of those instances, the vendor was charged with selling fake pee with the expressed intent of passing a drug test.

How many states have passed legislation prohibiting the use or sale of such synthetic products? Approximately 11 states currently have such legislation in effect. It is unlawful to willfully produce, advertise, sell or distribute any products or equipment intended to defraud or try to defraud any legitimately given drug test designed to identify the presence of chemical substances or restricted substances.

What is actually allowed and what is not?

To be honest, it’s rather difficult to say. However, under various state laws, it is illegal to sell, use, make, purchase, distribute, or market any sort of synthetic urine or related items.

Certain items, such as Quick Fix, simply include tags at the conclusion of their product description: “This product must be used in line with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations and shall not be used for legally performed drug tests”. Meanwhile, their testimonials website claims that the product is used to help individuals pass drug tests.

Although, ALS products are not intended for use in drug testing. These things are frequently seen as fetish items for individuals seeking “wet sex,” or intercourse that involves urinating on their partner.

For instance, the Whizzinator Touch includes a prosthetic penis, leg straps and a waistband to secure the prosthesis, as well as a small bag, one syringe, four heating pads, and a fake pee solution called Golden Shower Synthetic Urine.

Where to purchase?

Synthetic urine primary distributors are online stores and headshops, which are retail establishments that offer accessories associated with the consumption of tobacco and cannabis, but not normally sexual aids. It seems natural that fake pee has become a hot product during this phase of progressive legalization. So much so that states are drafting legislation to prohibit the sale of fake piss, which can be purchased for roughly $17 to $40 in corner stores, tobacco shops, truck stops and online. The drug composed of chemicals and, according to some, uric acid, is marketed under the brand names “Monkey Whizz”, “Piss Perfect” and “UPass”. Certain firms even sell fake penis attachments intended for use during drug testing.

Quick comparison of the best Synthetic Urine products

Brand Synthetic Urine Heating pads/Urine belt Tube/fake penis
Quick Fix
  • Toxin-free
  • Premixed
  • Includes an extra fake urine
Contains a heating pad with a bladder bag
  • Includes fake urine
  • Heating device included
  • Reusable
Clear Choice
  • Heating device included
  • Toxin-free
  • Premixed fake urine
Incognito Belt with a heating device and premixed fake pee Not available
  • Powdered urine formula
  • Organic compounds
Inclucdx a heating pad with a bladder bag A bladder bag has a tube for peeing affixed
The Urinator
  • Powdered urine formula
  • Addition of a donor sample
  • Self-regulated heating
  • Digital heat controller
The bladder bag has a tube for peeing affixed
Quick Luck
  • Premixed fake urine compound
  • High quality mix
  • Heat activation powder included
  • Contains heating pads
The bladder bag has a tube for peeing affixed

What are the best alternatives to using Synthetic Urine?

If you are found using fake pee, you’ll probably suffer harsh repercussions. First of all, failing the test entails losing the job or other prospect that was your initial motivation for taking it. Furthermore, and more significantly, based on the state in which you reside, you may face a substantial fine or perhaps prison time. It doesn’t really matter if the specimen is cannabis-free or not when it comes to passing a urine test with fake urine. This is still the simplest part of the test clearance. The challenge is in producing genuinely biologically identical “pure” pee.

Any use of home remedies only work if you avoid use of drugs for at least 3 days before the test day. Other than that, you may have to rely on using other marketed products. Below we share a list of various products which can be used as an alternative to synthetic urine.

  1. Detoxification drinks
    Detoxification drinks may not be a permanent solution but they can certainly be efficient in helping you pass the drug test when your screening is just a few hours away. This may provide you with a timeframe of 4 to 5 hours within which it would be best to get screened. The detoxing drinks work by quickly ridding the body of toxic chemicals that identify as drugs, like cannabis metabolites that might be detected in the urine.Detoxifying drinks are potent if taken correctly, albeit not as excellent as just not having any weed in your system. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that THC is only briefly eliminated from the body and not forever. So, if you don’t take your detoxification drink at the right time, you could not see the effects you want. The secret to success is to follow the directions.The QCarbo series and the Herbal Clean series are examples of some renowned detoxification drinks.
  2. Detoxifying kits
    While the drinks used for detoxification have a limited duration of efficacy, the detoxifying kits have the potency to rid your body from chemicals like THC and PCP in a permanent way. They are the best option for marijuana users getting ready for an upcoming test. Nevertheless, based on the type of kit, they take 5 to 10 days to fully activate, so you will need to be certain to schedule enough time.Stinger, Rescue Detox and TestClear have some of the well-known detoxifying kits.


  • Q. Why can’t I just borrow clean pee from my friend who doesn’t use weed?
    You cannot use or borrow clean pee from a non-weed user. Because there is a risk of being caught and the possibility of damaging pH, creatinine and other chemical compounds as a result of improper management.
  • Q. Does synthetic urine work?
    Synthetic urine is a very successful method of clearing a piss test. Assume you get the kit from a trustworthy company, follow the instructions, and keep the urine at the proper temperature prior to bringing it for testing. In that situation, you will undoubtedly pass the test.
  • Q. Can fake pee be used for all types of tests?
    Naturally it is effective for drug and athletics tests, and even diagnostic procedures if you are compelled to do one.
  • Q. Can synthetic pee be detected?
    Because the brands used to certify machinery tools are imperceptible, they are utilized to calibrate machinery. They are not interested in using genuine human pee since they would have to purchase it from donors and it would include bacteria that would ruin the urine.
  • Q. What temperature should urine be for a drug test?
    Between 94 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the typical heat of the human body.
  • Q. How long does piss stay warm?
    Your hand warmers should keep the warmth of your urine between 2 and 6 hours. Any longer would be excessively long to wait for a pee test.
  • Q. How to keep urine warm?
    Any decent synthetic pee will have a hand warmer that keeps your hands toasty for several hours. Stick it with a rubber band to your urine bottle and let be for at least 45 minutes.
  • Q. Will hand warmers overheat urine?
    Hand warmers are designed to maintain the body temperature of the pee. This is because corporations will face lawsuits if the device gets too hot and causes hand blisters.
  • Q. How much fake pee is needed for a drug test?
    1.5 ounces to 5 ounces. Any forgery of pee will include at least this amount. Purchase more sets if you intend to practice at your house.
  • Q. How to make synthetic urine (DIY)? Is it possible?
    Crafting synthetic pee is no longer possible. It could be done previously, when testing was less sensitive. However, if you are a chemist, you could synthesize it yourself. The majority of folks will be better off simply purchasing one of the items we reviewed above.
  • Q. Does synthetic urine expire?
    The majority of products, once blended, have a two-year storage life. Verify this on your particular bottle since it varies among items.
  • Q. How long does urine stay composed at room temperature?
    Consult the manufacturer of your particular product. Powders retain their potency for years. Liquids have a shelf life of up to two years.
  • Q. Can you freeze urine for a drug test?
    A few synthetic pee products may be stored and thawed, while others do not require freezing and will remain good for up to 2 years. Inquire with your manufacturer.
  • Q. Where can I buy synthetic urine locally?
    For the most part, you’ll need to visit ‘headshops’, but certain petrol stations will carry reputable brands. So, take a glance around to see whether they have the fake pee you’re searching for. Otherwise, purchase straight from the manufacturer to avoid receiving counterfeit or knockoff items.
  • Q. Does Walmart sell synthetic urine?
    No. They may sell fake piss just for pranks which is just colored water.
  • Q. Is there any female synthetic urine kits?
    Absolutely. The Urinator, the Clear Choice Incognito Belt, and the Quick Fix bladder and hose are all available to females.
  • Q. Is there unisex synthetic products available? is there a product just for women?
    Each synthetic pee is gender neutral. Gender is never determined when urine is examined.
  • Q. Do synthetic urine belts work?
    Yes, but you should practice using it at home to ensure that you are proficient in the event of an observed test.
  • Q. Is Powdered Synthetic Urine Good?
    Yes, powdered urine is effective. As long as it has all of the required elements. Verify that it is correctly blended and at the suitable temperature when presented.
  • Q. Does synthetic pee work for LabCorp drug test?
    Numerous individuals on social media and elsewhere have stated that they cleared LabCorp drug test using fake urine.
  • Q. Will LabCorp call you if you fail a drug test?
    The receivers of the information will determine whether or not to contact you. However, you are always legally entitled to see your own medical records, and they are legally required to provide you with the information if you request it.
  • Q. Do I need to worry about biocide in synthetic urine?
    The natural preservative biocide guards synthetic urine against microbial invasion and development. To preserve the sample and sanitize it, biocides are a stabilizer that is added to synthetic urine. They stop the sample’s microorganisms from multiplying. Utilizing biocides entails contaminating the sample with more adulterants. As a result, it can be detected.
  • Q. Do labs look for CBD in urine drug tests?
    It’s crucial to be aware that CBD products may include potentially harmful substances if you take them frequently. CBD by itself might not cause a positive drug test result, but drugs with more THC can be detected.


The idea of synthetic urine is not new or unusual. It has existed for the same amount of time as drug testing. You must get the finest synthetic urine if you plan to use it for study or substance screening.

Overall, the qualities of authenticity and dependability are what deem a particular synthetic urine beneficial. You must stay away if you’re not sure it will succeed. It is possible to pass a drug screen by utilizing synthetic urine, however drug test businesses are implementing increasingly advanced techniques to catch such deceit. Although there is no assurance it might help you clear a drug screen. You must also emphasize the risks. Job dismissal and, in some places, legal action are nearly definite consequences of using synthetic urine. Use chemically synthesized urine while keeping the pros and cons in mind.


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