HIV Testing in San Francisco

testingHIV Testing in San Francisco

Currently, most providers in the city offer rapid HIV testing services, with results available in twenty minutes. These tests can be done with either an oral swab of the gums, or a simple fingerstick.


All sites also offer the more conventional HIV test, either

with an OraSure™ (oral swab left in the mouth for four minutes) or

blood draw, with the specimen being sent to an off-site lab for testing.

Results of those tests are usually available in one week. These tests are

all looking for antibodiesto HIV (not the virus itself). For more information

about HIV antibody testing, see the Terms & Definitions part

of this website section.


RNA testing, which looks for the virus, is a test that requires

a blood draw and takes about two weeks for results. This test is currently

availableat City

Clinic and is due to expand to some other providers in the city soon.


For more information on testing locations, including the neighborhoods, times of operation, and types of test offered, visit the Testing Locations section of this website.


For more information about HIV Counseling, Testin services in San Francisco, please contact the individuals below:

Vincent Fuqua   

415.554.9073   [email protected]

Thomas Knoble  

415.703.7279   [email protected]

Eileen Loughran

415.5544.9124   [email protected]

John Melichar   

415.554.9078   [email protected]