Test Counselor Resources

The following individuals or resources are available to help you with questions regarding HIV counseling, testing, and linkages within the City of San Francisco.

Current Counselors

Please refer to the Training Coordinator at your agency for questions regarding certification status, or to register for upcoming training.

Prospective Counselors

Individuals wishing to learn more about becoming a certified HIV test counselor in San Francisco should contact the HIV Testing Coordinator at an agency where you would like to volunteer or work.

View the various agencies around the city providing HIV testing, and the populations they work with, to find an agency that might be a good fit for you. Agency contact information is listed.


HIV Counselor publications

HIV Counselor PERSPECTIVES is an educational resource published by UCSF AIDS Health Project for HIV antibody test counselors, prevention case managers, and other health and mental health professionals, particularly those working in brief counseling venues.


Funded solely by the California Department of Health Services Office of AIDS, each quarterly issue explores a single topic. A Research Update reviews recent research related to the topic. The Implications for Counseling section and a Case Study apply the research to the counseling session.


Office of AIDS funding has recently enabled UCSF AIDS Health Project to offer current and past issues of PERSPECTIVES for free in electronic form and to create and post a searchable index of past issues back to 1996.