Annual Monitoring Requirements

MonitoringThe City and County of San Francisco requires that all contracts for services be monitored on an annual basis whether or not the services is ongoing to be renewed. The HIV Prevention Section believes that the required program monitoring process is an excellent opportunity for quality improvement.


Program monitoring is a collaborative process, with the goal of improved services to clients and building better working relationships between providers and the SFDPH.


Below are examples of the forms we will use during the annual monitoring review:

  • Agency Response Form

    This form is the regular monitoring response form to evaluate the mid-year progress of your program.

  • Annual Monitoring Report Summary

    This summary document provides information regarding findings and commendations for your program or agency. This is the document that will be presented to the Health Commission for contract renewel.

  • Annual Monitoring Report Score Sheet

    This is the form that the Program Managers and review team will be using to grade your annual performance.

  • Final Evaluation Report for one-time-only contracts

    This form is used to evaluate programs that are receiving one-time funding or programs that are at the end of the funding cycle.

  • State Semi-annual Report (applies to State-funded agencies only)

    This report is required for any State funded programs. Reports are due to the Program Manager on January 31st and July 31st of each year. Program Managers will submit reports to the State by February 15th and August 15th.

  • Oath of Confidentiality

    This form is required to insure that all agency or program information will be kept confidential.

  • Conflict of Interest Statement

    This statement insures that there are no conflicts of interest by the annual monitoring review team and the programs or agencies being reviewed.