The Healthy Penis Campaign Begins in May to November 2013

Over 85% of all new infections of HIV and Syphilis in San Francisco are among gay men. What is known is that once someone learns that they have HIV/STDs, they are much less likely to pass it on. Therefore, increased HIV/STD testing will lead to fewer new infections. Also, when people learn that they have HIV, get in to care and on medications, they can achieve a much lower and even undetectable viral load which at an individual level reduces the chances of infecting partners while increasing the well being of the community as a whole.  Increased screening and treatment greatly reduces the chance of transmission.

The Healthy Penis Campaign is a partnership between the health department, community testing sites, and retail businesses of the Castro. Its main objectives are to create high levels of visibility around the message “Get Tested for HIV and STDs every 6 months” and to create a new community norm around HIV and STD testing in an effort to reduce new infections in the gay community.

This is how the campaign works:
A person gets an HIV and/or STD test, receives a discount coupon and a Healthy Penis stress toy, and redeems the coupon at one of over 30 businesses in the Castro neighborhood. As the campaign becomes more visible in the community, more people will get tested. Testing sites are:

We want to thank the businesses listed below for their generosity. It is clear that they care for the people of the Castro Community. Note: some business are participating for all 6 months of the campaign.

May June July August September October-11/16
1. Starbucks

2.Café Flore



5. Sunglass Hut

6. Mudpuppy’s

7. Conant Med. Group

8. Philz Coffee

1. Squatgobble

2. Firewood

3. Sunglass Hut

4. Mudpuppy’s

5. Books Inc.

6. Hot Cookie

7. Max Muscle

8. Entour

9. Philz Coffee

10. Kenneth Wingard

11. Alex Gym

1. Sunglass Hut

2. Levis

3. Firewood

4. Sui Generis

5. Merch

6. Cove Café

7. Spikes

8. Hot Cookie

9. Philz Coffee

10. Alex Gym

1. Firewood

2. Spike’s

3. Sundays Tanning

4. Sunglass Hut

5. Philz Coffee

6. Slider Bar

7. Alex Gym

1. Kenneth Wingard

2. Sunglass Hut

3. Alex Gym


5. Firewood

6. Philz Coffee

7. Slider Bar

1. Sunglass Hut

2. Alex Gym


4. Firewood

5. Philz Coffee

6. Slider Bar

For further information about the campaign please contact Joe Imbriani, 415-437-6213