Qcarbo32 Review

What Is Qcarbo32?

Qcarbo 32 Herbal Clean is a detox drink that flushes out drug metabolites from your urinary tract and bladder.
It has been mainly designed for those looking for a quick way to clear their drug test by masking any evidence of toxins present. In other words, although labeled as a detox drink, it doesn’t detox your body. Instead, it removes the drug byproducts for a short period to help you pass your urine test. That is until the metabolites seep out into your bladder again.

The Herbal Clean drink comes in three versions, Qcarbo16, Qcarbo20, and Qcarbo32, where the number represents the fluid ounces. Detox drinks have been mainly designed for cannabis users. The heavier your hash or weed intake, the more fluid ounces you should consume. Therefore, Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean for THC detox is for those with the most severe toxin exposure or for individuals with a larger body mass.

If you don’t know which one to buy, go with the Qcarbo32 detox drink just to be safe.

How Does Qcarbo32 Work?

Read this section for the overall description of the Qcarbo32 drink.

Qcarbo32 Ingredients

In addition to removing hash and weed byproducts from your bladder, Qcarbo 32 also contains supplementary ingredients to maintain the urine balance, so everything appears normal in the lab tests.

The list of ingredients that bring about a positive effect is as follows:

  • Vitamins B1, B2, and B12 which make your pee appear yellow
  • Extracts of Uva Ursi Leaf, Juniper Berry, Guarana Seed, Echinacea Purpurea Leaf, Dandelion Root, Corn silk, Cayenne Pepper, and Alfalfa Leaf which act as diuretics. These help remove sodium and water from your body to flush out toxins.
  • Creatine which is naturally present in urine to make the sample appear natural
  • Pectin and fiber produce bile. THC attaches to bile, therefore, aiding in the removal of cannabis metabolites
  • Ligustrum Berry Extract induces sweating to remove THC

Other ingredients present in the detox drink may be beneficial, but they don’t contribute to removing pot byproducts. For example, Turmeric Root Extract is an anti-inflammatory, while Guarana Seed extract has caffeine. Lower, in the table, you can see goods that are usually used as solutions for drug test issues: Toxin Rid and Mega Clean.


Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

  • Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours
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Furthermore, some ingredients may look impressive, but they’re only contributing to the product’s sales. For example, Cayenne Pepper Extract and Burdock Root Extract are listed as fat burners to help release THC from fat cells. However, when you’re supposed to give your test, these ingredients won’t reach the fat cells to bring about this effect.

Qcarbo32 Instructions

To start your detoxification process, stop taking any Cannabis Sativa products as soon as you learn about your upcoming screen test. At the minimum, stop 24 hours before.

It is recommended that you take this body cleanse on an empty stomach. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, go for a light snack. You may read several articles claiming to not eat for hours before consuming Qcarbo32, but these are all false.

In addition to marijuana, avoid alcohol, caffeine, juices, nicotine, vinegar, and over-the-counter drugs before you begin detoxing. You should eat healthy too and avoid greasy and fatty foods. Eating well is a part of the pre-cleanse process.

Once you’re ready, follow these Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean instructions for your cleanse.

  1. Shake well and start drinking. You may drink at a pace you’re comfortable with as long as you’re consistent.
  2. You will urinate a lot in the next few hours as a part of the detoxification process.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. This will also help with the body cleanse.
  4. You can take your test within two to five hours. However, keep it three just to be safe.

If you’re wondering where to buy Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean, you can easily find it at Walmart and Amazon.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certification

Qcarbo32 is manufactured by Herbal Clean, which launched in 1990. Their headquarters are present in Arizona, and you can reach them at PO Box 1450, Tempe, Arizona, 85280, United States. If you want to contact the company, you can directly do so via their website. The customer service is friendly. To contact them, you can go to their website or call them at their Automated Information Hotline 800-943-3869.

Furthermore, Herbal Clean keeps its customers’ satisfaction a top priority, and if you’re not happy with the product, you can go to their website and ask for a refund.

Additional Products to Buy With Qcarbo32

If you want your detox process to be completely successful, you can buy two other products along with Qcarbo32 to enhance its effect.

  • Water with electrolytes. These will help balance the electrolytes in your body, which in turn will balance your body’s water content and pH level.
  • Vitamin B complex for energy and to make your urine appear yellow.

Pros and Cons of Qcarbo32

Qcarbo32 comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The fastest way to cleanse your body of toxins
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Inexpensive
  • Contains a lot of beneficial ingredients which may be suitable for health, like vitamins, minerals, fiber etc
  • Presence of vitamins will cause urine to appear yellow, thereby not arising any suspicion
  • Detoxification may contribute to healthy immunity


  • Not a long term solution or good for regular use
  • You may get diarrhea from using Qcarbo32
  • Your urine sample may come back as too dilute
  • Herbs may cause an allergic reaction
  • Herbs may be harmful to people with certain medical conditions
  • Lacks research


Customers have several questions regarding Qcarbo32.

  • Can you use Qcarbo32 for Alcohol?
    Qcarbo32 may not be safe for getting rid of alcohol.
  • Can you use Qcarbo32 for Opiates and cocaine?
    Yes, Qcarbo32 may be effective against opiates and cocaine.
  • Can your test detect Qcarbo32?
    Yes. If you don’t follow the instructions correctly, Qcarbo32 may be detected in your system.
  • How long will Qcarbo32 stay in your system?
    You can expect Qcarbo32 to leave your body within 24 hours.
  • How is Qcarbo32 different from other detox products?
    Qcarbo32 has more diuretic herbs as compared to others alike.
  • Does Qcarbo32 work?
    You should follow Qcarbo32 instructions and get your drug test done within 2 to 5 hours of consumption. But remember, everybody’s body works differently.

Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean Reviews

Everyone is unique, and therefore, what works for one person may not work for the other. Here are a few reviews taken from Amazon, Walmart, and Reddit.

These are two Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 reviews from Amazon and Reddit.

Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean positive review

This review has been taken from Amazon and is of a satisfied customer who tried Qcarbo32 and passed their drug test.

Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean positive review

This Reddit post reviews Qcarbo32 where the user tested negative for the THC test and recommends it to everyone looking for the same result.

Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean negative review

This Qcarbo32 review is from Walmart. The product did not work for this individual and they failed their test.

Qcarbo32 Herbal Clean negative review

This shopper from Amazon purchased Qcarbo32 and although it worked for them with a home test, they did not pass the lab one and therefore are not happy with the outcome.

Final Thoughts

There are many detox products on the market that you can use to cleanse your system. Ultra Eliminex is one of these products. It does have a potent formula that works, but it is more expensive than others on the market.
There is also Mega Clean, but this product is not powerful enough on its own. You would need to pair it up with Toxin Rid Pills to see results. Another choice is Rescue Cleanse which has a pretty good formula and is a strong competitor against Qcarbo32.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fast solution for getting a negative drug test, Qcarbo detox is a great choice. It is readily available in the major stores, and you can get it at a pretty good price. In addition, it contains natural ingredients. However, if you can’t get your hands on it, the second best formula to try is Rescue Cleanse.